Monica Louise is a computer engineer, multimedia artist, and web developer by profession who is also a painter, crafter, and jewelry maker by passion.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Monica started to show interest in the creative side of things at a very young age. She first handcrafted and sold her first beaded jewelry as young as five.

Currently residing in Toronto, Canada, Monica is about exploring more art formsĀ from traditional such as acrylic paint pouringĀ to digital like 3D designing.

Monica founded The Arttelier in the midst of pandemic year 2020. She already had Louise & Co. from 2015 back in the Philippines, but after migrating to Canada in 2020, Monica have decided to rebrand her jewelry and craft store. To date, The Arttelier is found on pop-ups in malls across Ontario, Canada showcasing all of her handcrafted items varying from jewelry, accessories, stationery, to home decors.

While at it, Monica is also working full-time in a US based tech company; talk about metaverse and the virtual world. Through time and experience, Monica also became knowledgeable about all things metaverse and 3D art. As a matter of fact, she is a known virtual creator and influencer in a platform called ZEPETO where she creates different entertaining contents, wearables, and maps.

On top of everything, Monica is a wife to an amazing private chef, and an expecting mom to a healthy baby boy by October 2022.